3 Tips for Increasing Energy Efficiency and Helping the Environment

There are many benefits to going green. Not only do energy-efficient homes have higher resale values and are healthier to live in, but less energy—and, therefore, less carbon—is required to power them. If you find that your energy bills are costing you more these days, and you want to improve the environment, you’ll be happy to discover there are several products available to help.


Going Green

The wide selection of green products on the market today make it easier than ever for homeowners and businesses to go green. They also help to ensure that future generations enjoy spaces that are healthier to live and work in, because many of these products produce low or no emissions, and help individuals to use resources more efficiently.

Brinkmann’s Hardware, for example, is proud to be New York’s first Net-Zero retailer. Thanks to the “cool roof’ which reflects the sun’s rays and the 304 solar panels that are installed on top of it, our Miller Place, NY location now produces more energy than it consumes.

  1. The Right Paint

When it’s time to paint a room or your entire home, the right colors can make all the difference. However, so can the type of paint you choose. For example, The Natura and Aura paint lines we carry at Brinkmann’s Hardware are a top choice for those wanting beautiful color without the chemicals.

Natura paint features zero emissions and is also hypoallergenic. Our Aura paint contains zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can negatively impact the quality of indoor air.

  1. Monitoring Water Consumption and Light UsageMonitoring Water Consumption

Watching how much water you are using and when can also impact energy efficiency. For example, it’s a good idea to refrain from washing clothing or to wait to use your dishwasher until times of off-peak energy use. This is when water will cost you the least.

The line of water timers available from Brinkmann’s Hardware ensures that your water use is always efficient, whether you’re using water inside or outside your home.

Water wastage from dripping faucets can be repaired easily by replacing their washers with a new one from our wide selection. Installing a low-flow shower head will lower your water usage even further.

Incandescent lighting not only consumes more energy than modern bulbs do, but it also needs to be replaced more frequently. Our 40- and 60-watt LED bulbs can replace every light in your home for a low cost. The line of light timers we carry can also make it easier to save on resources, and our flashlights are ready for action if the power goes out.

  1. Chemical-Free Gardening

If you or someone in your family enjoys gardening, you’ll find what you need at Brinkmann’s Hardware. Try our selection of organic soil, Safer Brand organic pesticides, and Milorganite organic fertilizer for flowers and vegetables that are healthy and happy.

Brinkmann’s Hardware is committed to helping our customers lower their carbon footprint and increase the energy efficiency of their homes. Visit one of our locations to learn more, or call 631-567-6879.

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