Which Snow Blower Works Best for You?

Snow blowers are a must-have if your home receives heavy snowfall. Saving time and avoiding shoveling, these machines are not all made the same, so deciding which type to purchase can be difficult. Each has its pros and cons.

The three main types of snow blowers include electric, cordless, and gas-powered snow blowers. Electrically powered machines are popular for people on a budget and who don’t have that much space to clear. However, their power level is generally not as high as other types. A cordless blower works in a similar way but has a greater range. Suited for larger driveways, it has high-voltage batteries that must be recharged.

Gas-powered snow blowers are powerful. An auger and propeller work together to clear a lot of snow. If you’re going with a gas-powered model, there are different types to consider. Single-stage gas snow blowers are fine if the snowfall is light. A two-stage blower can blow away tons of snow every hour in a large yard, while three-stage models are the most powerful, able to clear snow from large areas like parking lots quickly.

Ariens snow blowers offer the performance you need to handle any type of snow condition. Learn more about how to choose the right type, and what you can find at Brinkmann’s Hardware on Long Island, by reading this infographic.

Which Snow Blower Works Best for You Infographic
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