Which BBQ Grills Are Right For You?

As spring approaches and the weather warms up, people begin taking their cooking outside with BBQ grills. Grilling has long been a favorite summer activity, regardless of taste or preference. Meats, vegetables, and even fruits all achieve delightfully rich flavors when grilled. The type of BBQ grill you choose has a big impact on flavor, so it’s important to choose wisely!

Whether you’re looking to replace your existing BBQ grill or this is your first grill purchase, there’s a lot to know before you make a choice. Here’s some helpful information regarding different types of BBQ grills, and the effects they have on the foods you cook on them.

Fuel Type

For most people, there are two basic types of BBQ grills to choose from: gas or charcoal. Gas grills can run off of smaller propane tanks which you can get at most hardware stores, such as a Brinkmann’s, or they can run off the natural gas line running to your home.

According to the Hearth Patio and Barbecue Association, the vast majority of the 72% of households that have an outdoor grill use natural gas or propane to fuel them. 

Gas grills such as Gas Weber Grills, are convenient options for most people; they heat quickly and offer a variety of accessories such as side burners, auto ignition, thermometers and more. As for flavor, gas grills impart very little flavor into the food, when compared with the smoky flavor imparted by other options such as charcoal grills or wood pellet grills.

Pellet grills have become more popular in recent years, as they are a hybrid between a smoker and a grill. Pellet grills utilize food-quality wood pellets as fuel and an electric thermostat to keep your food within the desired temperature range. This makes it perfect for longer cooking meats such as ribs, roasts, and briskets. If you’re a fan of old fashioned barbecue, a pellet grill may be the right choice for you. 

Another common type of grill is the charcoal grill. Charcoal grills are easy to use, impart a great classic smoky, rich flavor, and generally keeps a consistent temperature throughout the cooking process, so long as there is enough fuel. 

For people who rarely grill, or have limited space, a portable grill may work best for you. Portable grills are usually electric or charcoal grills. On the side of the spectrum, there are also, Kamado grills. These are outdoor ceramic grills that allow you to grill, bake and cook in!

Whichever you choose, grilling can open up a number of new delicious and healthy food options, so before you head out, be sure to decide what kind of food you plan to cook, how much space you have, and what flavors you’re looking for. All of these decisions will help to make sure that you get the perfect grill for your summer grilling season. 

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