The Outdoor Power Tools That Will Make Your Summer Greener

Outdoor power equipment is key to keeping your yard looking its best throughout the year. Most outdoor power tools come in two versions, battery powered and gas powered, and there are pros and cons for each. 

Leaf Blowers:

When it comes to leaf blowers, you’re going to notice a difference in power between the battery and gas-powered versions with gas-powered outpacing battery or even plug-in versions, however, what you gain in power, you also gain in weight. Be aware of this as it is true of just about every outdoor power tool. While your power might give out sooner with the battery version, your arms may give out with the gas-powered version of a leaf blower. Additionally, there is the issue of fumes. Gas-powered blowers produce quite a lot of exhaust fumes, making the battery-powered option a cleaner choice. 

In addition to a leaf blower, which will keep your yard looking neat and debris free, there are a few other power tools you may want to consider to keep your yard in good shape. 

String Trimmers:

For edging your lawn, and working in tight spots, you will likely want to pick up a string trimmer. To keep hedges neat and shape topiaries, you will want a hedge trimmer or a hand trimmer.

Being small, hand trimmers are generally battery powered, and will often come with options for both hedge and grass trimming, hedge trimmers, on the other hand, are larger, and depending on how many hedges you have, you may want to go with a gas powered unit. Remember the weight issue though, and stop into a hardware store such as Brinkmann’s before you buy, so that you can test the weight and make sure it’s comfortable in your hands. If you have trouble holding it, it can be unsafe to use. The staff at your local store can help you find a tool you’re comfortable working with.STIHL is a top brand option for trimmers and almost all power tool options. Brinkmann’s is an authorized STIHL dealer, so they both sell, and service STIHL products.


Another tool which can come in extremely handy is the chainsaw. From taming tree limbs to cutting up firewood, chainsaws make a tough job easier. Chainsaws come in both gas powered and electric and each has its pros and cons. 

Electric chainsaws offer a cleaner energy source, and, best of all, very little maintenance. Without having to mix gas and oil, you just push a button and go. Another pro for electric chainsaws is that they’re less noisy, which, if you’re in a suburban neighborhood, can be a great asset. However, when it comes to speed and power, electric chainsaws still aren’t quite up to the jobs that gas-powered chainsaws are. Gas-powered chainsaws will do better if you’re dealing with cutting down larger trees and branches and will get through all of their jobs more quickly. If noise or fumes are a factor, that may also be another issue, as gas-powered mowers are loud and do emit fumes, they’re also quite heavy and not as easy to handle as their electric cousins. The choice may be a confusing one, and, again, a dealer that sells both, such as Brinkmann’s Hardware will have experience with users of both types of equipment and will be able to steer you toward the best fit for your needs, and your yard. 

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