What Makes for the Best Cooler This Summer?

Coolers have come a long way from polystyrene ice chests. Nowadays, rotor-molded coolers such as the Yeti cooler bring state-of-the-art technology to the age-old need to hold ice. 

Rotor-molded coolers are made through a process where powdered plastic is melted into a hollow mold as it is rotated to ensure that it fills every part of the mold. This results in a unibody plastic cast of the mold and allows for the durability and retention of today’s modern coolers. Their unibody construction also makes it easy to clean. 

Some of the best coolers on the market are in the Yeti line. Yeti coolers come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors from soft-sided coolers with shoulder straps and backpack coolers to heavy-duty wheeled coolers perfect for a camping trip or going fishing. Many are available at your local Brinkmann’s hardware store. A good cooler should be able to keep ice frozen for at least 24 hours, which is more than enough for most food and drink needs. Some of the heavy-duty coolers in the Yeti line have been tested to hold ice for over a week, making it perfect for that long camping trip. 

Getting the Most out of Your Cooler:

To get the most out of your ice chest you’ll want to pre-chill the inside. Using either ice packs or ice, fill the cooler and leave it overnight to drop the interior temperature of the cooler. The next day when you plan to use it dump out the old ice or packs and refill it with new ice. You’ll find you get a much longer chill using this method. If possible, use solid blocks of ice rather than ice cubes. You can make these yourself by filling milk cartons or other containers with water and freezing them. Solid blocks of ice last longer than ice cubes because they have less surface area. 

When packing your cooler, use layers. First, add a layer of ice on the bottom. If you’re using ice blocks add ice cubes on top of them to fill in the spaces. Then add your food and drink and finally top it off with additional ice. Using this method will guarantee that everything stays cool as long as possible. 

By following these tips you’ll keep your food and drinks ice cold and your gathering going long into the night!

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