STIHL Blowers, Which One Is the Right Choice for Your Yard?

It’s that time of year again. Soon, your yard will be piled high with leaves. While they’re beautiful on the trees, once they hit the ground they become a job to do. Luckily, STIHL makes blowers of all types to make the job a bit easier for you, saving you time and hassle. 

The size of your lot and what you expect to get done will help you decide which type of STIHL blower is the right one for you. Do you have a small urban lot, a larger suburban one, or a bigger piece of property? Do you want a blower that just blows leaves and grass clippings, or are you looking for a shredder vac? There is a STIHL blower for every need. 

STIHL Blowers For the Smaller Jobs:

For smaller lots, a handheld battery-powered leaf blower is a great choice. STIHL handheld blowers are lightweight and still have plenty of power to get the job done while offering great battery life so you’re not constantly stopping to charge the battery. 

For the Bigger Jobs:

Have a bigger lot, or need even more power? There is an entire line of STIHL products designed with you in mind: their BG 50 is the lightest gas blower in their line; the BG 86 is their most powerful handheld model; and the BR 200 is a backpack model focused on fuel efficiency, with a lightweight design and anti-vibration technology.

Finally, for larger properties, there is a professional line of easy to start pack and handheld blowers. The gas-powered BG66L and BG86, while being on the smaller end, pack a real punch when it comes to clearing away leaves and other debris. On the most powerful end, the BR 800 x Magnum and BR 800 C-E Magnum are the most powerful blowers in the STIHL line. These backpack blowers feature a variety of pro-quality features such as a multi-function control handle and 20% more power than the BR 700, letting you get through jobs quickly and easily. No matter the job, there’s a STIHL that can handle it. 

When you’re ready to invest in a new blower for whatever your needs, from grass clippings to construction debris, your local Brinkmann’s is a certified STIHL dealer and offers full service and repairs on your existing STIHL products, so visit them today. 

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