Lawn Care – Weed Prevention Tips

Whether you’re a vegetable gardener, or you just love the look of a perfect green lawn, weeds can be a pain to deal with. Grassy annual weeds such as crabgrass can spread extremely quickly, as can broadleaf weeds such as clover and dandelion. While crabgrass is an annual weed that dies every winter it’s also one of the fastest-growing weeds to pop up in early spring. Perennial weeds, however, last all through the winter weather. All of these weeds compete with your lawn or garden for light, nutrients, and water and—if left unchecked—they’ll likely win. 

So, what can you do to control the weeds in your lawn?

There are different kinds of lawn weed control available to kill all types of weeds. Pre-emergent herbicide is a type of lawn weed control that eliminates weeds by killing them just after the weed seeds germinate. This kind of weed preventer should be applied in early spring well before annual weeds have the chance to sprout. Scott’s Crabgrass Preventer Plus Lawn Food, which can be found at your local Brinkmann’s Hardware (as can the entire line of Scott’s products), is a lawn treatment that eliminates weeds before they have the chance to start. 

Once you can see weeds in your lawn you’ll need to use a post-emergence lawn treatment made to get rid of weeds during the growing season. Scott’s Weed Control Plus Lawn Food is a weed killer made for use during the growing season. It also serves as lawn fertilizer, helping to strengthen your lawn so that weeds don’t have a chance to grow in the first place. 

Lawn weed control is not as difficult as it may sound when you stick with a program specifically made to kill weeds at the appropriate time. Weed killer combined with fertilizer tends to be your best bet. The staff at your local Brinkmann’s can help answer any other questions about the best way to kill weeds.

By following the plan of pre-emergent, then post-emergent, then fertilizer, you won’t be spending hours pulling weeds by hand and your lawn will be lush, green, and ready to play on.

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