Cooking With the Big Green Egg

One of the more versatile grill options out there right now is the Big Green Egg. The BGE can grill, bake, and smoke a wide variety of foods from brisket to bread and everything in-between. 

It’s recommended to use lump charcoal to fuel your BGE, though wood chips can be added for flavor when slow smoking. Never use lighter fluid or quick start charcoal in your BGE. These can permanently taint the egg and forever affect the flavor of what you’re cooking.

To start cooking you’ll want to keep it at a low temperature. The BGE has an internal gasket that needs to cure and adhere to the Egg. In order for this to happen properly keep the first cook under 350 degrees. 

When first lighting the charcoal have all the vents and the lid wide open for at least ten minutes, then close the lid to bring the Egg up to temperature.

Never fully open the Egg once it’s hot; you need to “burp” it first by partially opening the Egg, closing it, and reopening it again to let some of the heat out and keep a “backflash” from happening as air rushes in. 

When direct grilling—the standard grilling of burgers, hot dogs, steaks, etc.—be sure to have the top and bottom vents open and preheated to 600–700 degrees. When cooking with the Egg the juices will drip down onto the coals; this makes a fragrant smoke that will infuse the meat with flavor. Remember, with the lid down cooking time is reduced, so keep a close eye on things. 

Utilized as an oven the Big Green Egg allows you to make pizza, pies, and casseroles. The Big Green Egg is a sealed system, meaning that it retains both heat and moisture. With this, your meats and veggies will come out moist and delicious.

The Egg’s ability to act as a smoker means you can turn the heat low and cook for as long as 18 hours at a time. Use this option with any meat you can think of. By adding wood chips you’ll impart a great smoky flavor to ribs, turkey, chicken, or ham. 

Finally, consider investing in one of over 100 “Eggcessories” available for the Big Green Egg. From exterior add-ons—like frames and shelves—to baking stones, charcoal starters, and temperature control units, there’s something to make every aspect of Egg cooking that much easier.

Look for the Big Green Egg at the Sayville or Miller Place Brinkmann’s Hardware store, or have one delivered anywhere in Suffolk Country for free!

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