How to Have a Birthday Party During Quarantine

It’s been almost six months since social distancing started and we’re all getting a little bit stir crazy. We miss our friends and family. We miss celebrating their birthdays, and for those of us having the big day, a quarantine birthday just doesn’t seem like a particularly special birthday. 

So what can you do to have fun with your friends or make that special birthday boy or girl feel special? Here are a few birthday party plans to get social while social distancing.

1. Outdoor Movie Nights

Kids and adults alike love movie nights and all this takes is a sheet and a projector. Make sure everyone is seated six feet apart, pass out the popcorn, and you’re set. 

2. Have a Netflix Party

Netflix has a new feature available to all subscribers called “Netflix Party”. This allows you to have a virtual party with your friends by synchronizing the video playback and creating a group chat so you can watch Netflix as a group. 

3. Have a Game Night

Video chat platforms like Google Hangouts and Zoom make it possible to virtually invite your friends to play online versions of your favorite games. From Pictionary to Settlers of Catan, there are tons of games with an online version that allow you to play with your friends, even the ones who live far away. 

4. Have a Scavenger Hunt

This is a great party idea for kids and adults.

For the kids you can hide items around the house and have them look for them in the traditional manner. Give them a list of what they need to find (to keep kids apart, give each one a different list). For adults, have the hunt road rally style. Give the adults a list of items to take a picture with—for example, “take a picture with a statue” —and set them loose on the town! Have videos for extra points; you can even have them find small items like a penny from 1976. Everyone can come together at the end and compare lists and the winner can get a prize. 

5. Have a Special Guest Sing Happy Birthday! is a great place to get a special birthday surprise. It allows you to get personalized messages from your favorite celebrities. You can get them live via Zoom or get a pre-recorded call. It’s a great way to make a quarantine birthday special, even if you’re stuck inside. 

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