Propane Refill vs Exchange: What Is the Best Option?

You’ve been grilling all summer and you’ve no doubt run out of propane a time or two. The question is: when you have empty propane tanks should you exchange a tank or go for a refill?

Propane tank exchange locations are everywhere. Hardware stores, gas stations, convenience stores, and grocery stores are all exchange locations, making them very convenient. However, what many people don’t know is that refilling your propane tank instead of exchanging it is generally the better option. 

Propane tank refill locations are a little bit harder to find, but it’s generally worth it. Why is that?

It’s because of the quantity of propane. Those people who prefer to refill at a refilling station instead of swapping one out at an exchange location will go home with a full tank while those who choose to swap out their tanks will go home with only 15 pounds instead of 20 pounds that the tanks can hold!

That means you’ll end up with 25% more propane in your tank for the same price. 

Brinkmann’s Hardware is a propane refiller location. When you arrive they will fill your tank completely instead of only adding 15 pounds. Even before they get your tank refilled they conduct a safety inspection to look for leaks. Then a licensed propane tech will fill up to a 60-pound tank to its maximum capacity. 

It is recommended to always have an extra tank at hand so that if you should run completely empty you have something to switch to. Whether you have one tank or two consider refilling rather than swapping out to save both time and money.

So, which do you prefer? Refilling or exchanging your propane?

We have locations in Blue Point, NY; Holbrook, NYMiller Place, NY; and Sayville, NY. The choice is yours but if you’re a thrifty shopper you may just want to switch over to refilling at a Brinkmann’s instead of exchanging from now on!