All About Space Heaters

There’s a chill in the air and for many of us, no matter what we do, there’s at least one room in our house that just doesn’t get as warm as the others. Some people can make do with another layer or blanket, but for those of us who just feel too chilly a space heater is a perfect solution. 

Which Space Heater Should You Choose?

There are lots of different kinds of portable space heaters on the market from infrared heaters and ceramic space heaters to oil convection heaters, electric heaters, and even combustion heaters. Brinkmann’s Hardware not only carries all of these heaters and more, their knowledgeable staff can help steer you toward the portable heater that best suits your purpose. For example, the size of your space significantly influences the type of heater you should purchase. 

Important Features

No matter which room heater you choose it’s very important that your heater has certain safety and convenience features so that you can be safe while enjoying the warmth. 

Obviously, you’ll want a heater with an adjustable thermostat; whether it be on the actual unit, on the remote control, or both. There are models with just “high” and “low” heat setting levels, but you may prefer to get one that is more adjustable and has a thermostat that will keep it set at a specific temperature. 

If possible, look for a heater with an eco mode to help you save energy, as space heaters can be expensive to run. Energy Star labels can help you find a unit that is energy efficient. 

Any space heater you purchase should have tip-over protection via a tip-over switch. A tip-over switch will sometimes set off an alarm on the unit and should have a feature that automatically shuts off the heating element to reduce the risk of a fire. Another important safety feature is overheat protection. This also helps to reduce the risk of a fire when the internal components get too hot. Always ask about the safety features of your space heater before purchase and familiarize yourself with the unit and how it works before turning it on. 

Keep It Safe

Never place your space heater too close to items that are flammable. This is the number one cause of space heater fires. Upholstered furniture, clothing, mattresses, curtains, bedding, paper, and flammable liquids are all items that should be kept at least 3 feet away from space heaters. The number one thing to remember about space heaters is that while they can make a room comfy and cozy they are also a fire risk, so do everything you can to reduce that risk and enjoy a warmer winter in even your most drafty room this winter.