Leaf Disposal

Fall is here, and it’s called that for a reason. Leaves are falling everywhere and sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming when you realize that you have to find a place for them all to go. Usually you’ll end up bagging them and dragging them to the curb, but did you know that you can compost your leaves? You can also use them for mulch to help delicate plants. That won’t take care of all the leaves though. Some will still have to be bagged, but there are a TON of tools out there to make that job easier.

For mulch and compost leaves should be shredded first. This allows for air circulation both in the compost bin and around the base of your plants. This is important because it reduces the risk of mold, disease, and anaerobic bacterial growth. Shredded leaves are a breeze when you use a Toro Electric Ultra Leaf Blower/Vacuum/Shredder. After sucking up the leaves the Toro will shred them and blow them into its leaf catcher bag. From there you can pour them into your composting bin or use them as mulch around tender plants before the weather gets too cold. Don’t forget that your composting bin can also take grass clippings, yard waste, and non-meat food scraps!

If you’d like to just bag all of your leaves there are tools to make that job easier as well. Laying out a tarp so that all of your leaves are in one place is a great idea, particularly when leaf blowing. The Master Tradesman leaf hauler tarp is a great choice because it comes with a pull-through ring design to close around your leaves and keep them from escaping. This tarp also works well when using a rake to handle your leaves. 

Once you’ve raked or blown your leaves onto the tarp a Green Thumb Leaf Scoop can make getting leaves into bags a whole lot easier. It can also keep you from touching icky wet leaves, or the slugs that sometimes hide in them. Ew!

To get the leaves into the bags neatly a Green Thumb Leaf & Lawn Chute can be a big help. It will hold open the paper bags for you and divert the leaves where they should be going. A Leaf Bag Funnel works much the same way and is better for plastic bags. 

All of these tools—from rakes and blower/shredders to leaf scoops, lawn chutes, and funnels—can be found at your local Brinkmann’s Hardware. They also carry every type of bag you could want and even starter fertilizer for your compost bin. Make them the first stop before you tackle that ocean of leaves and you’ll have a much easier time of leaf disposal.

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