Holiday Lights

It’s more than likely that you’ll be home for the holiday this year, so decorating your house to bring some holiday cheer is a great idea. Christmas decorations—from Christmas trees to Christmas lights and everything in between—can bring joy to even the gloomiest winter days. 

Your Christmas tree is usually the focal point of indoor holiday decor so choose it carefully. Will you go with a live tree or artificial? If you go for artificial, will you choose pre-lit, or will you do the lighting on your own? There are a million choices to make when it comes to decorating for the holiday season but that’s half the fun. 

If you’re going to choose a live tree be sure to keep it watered as dry trees can be a fire hazard. You can also use tree food in the water to keep it alive longer into the season. Your local Brinkmann’s stocks Christmas tree food as well as other holiday needs. 

When it comes to lighting and other electrical decor it’s very important to make sure everything is UL listed. That means it has been safety tested and has passed nationally recognized standards of safety. This should be true of all of your electrical decorations, whether they are Christmas lights or inflatable lawn decor. 

When decorating outside remember that what goes up must come down! Using light clips is not only safer than nails or staples, but it also makes it easier to take down your lights when the time comes. For indoor lighting, command clips can be very helpful in hanging string or rope lights. 

Brinkmann’s Hardware carries a wide selection of Christmas decorations, both outdoor and indoor. From string lights for the tree and tree toppers to outdoor lights, indoor and outdoor trees, garland, wreath hangers, LED lights and more, they carry everything you need to make your home cheery and bright for the holidays! 

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