Changing Home Filters

Central forced air heating and cooling systems require filter maintenance to help them run efficiently and keep indoor air quality in your home as high as possible. Even if you have baseboard heating your air conditioning unit will need maintaining with regular filter changes. 

Because air conditioners are generally used in warm weather they tend to get clogged up with pollen and other allergens. Once that happens your central air will not blow as strongly as you’re used to, but even if you don’t notice the change switching out your HVAC filter is very important for the life of the unit.

Changing your filters regularly can extend the lifespan of your HVAC unit and keep it from having to work harder than it should. Dirty filters waste energy and lead to higher energy bills because the air flow through the filter decreases. 

Ideally, you should change your HVAC filter every 90 days. There are many different kinds of filters, from pleated filters for spun fiberglass filters, and it’s important to find the right size and type to match the filters in your home. Brinkmann’s Hardware carries a wide variety of air filters for your central heating and cooling system, and their staff can help you to choose the correct one. 

When changing out your furnace filter or HVAC system filter verify that the unit is turned off and make sure you’ve located all of the filters in the unit. The air handler and the return may have separate filters. Even window AC units have filters which need replacing.

After you’ve found the filter locations and determined their size you can remove the old filter. You’ll notice on the filter that there are arrows pointing in one direction. This is the direction of air flow and indicates the direction that you should install the filter. If you install it the wrong way air will have to struggle to pull through, so be sure to note the arrow direction. 

Finally, once you’ve replaced the filter you can throw out the old filter. Be sure to put it inside of a bag, as it will be full of allergens, dust, and dirt; you don’t want to release that back into your home again!