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What Our Customers Say

The salesman was extremely helpful. Snowblower was delivered next day and that person also went over how to use it. Excellent customer service.

Blue Point

Gary and Ron were great. I called up looking for an Ariens snowblower, and needed it that day before we were expected to receive significant snowfall in New York. I was able to pay over the phone and my new snowblower was delivered to my house in a few hours. The delivery driver’s were also great, however I can not remember their names. They showed me all of the features of the snowblower, and had it up and running for me, ready to go for the storm. This was my first purchase at Brinkmann’s, but you have earned a customer for life. Thanks again!

Tom V

In need of a new snow blower of better quality than the one i now own i decided to shop on the internet and found the product i was looking for was carried locally at the Miller Place Brinkmann’s, I stopped by on Monday and was pleasantly surprised that they had all the available modelsi was considering on display . I was assisted by Dave D. who answered all my questions and concerns and advised me that if i was interested i could have the blower set up and delivered that afternoon at no extra charge. No pressure, no stress and best of all the delivery was made on time and as promised. I should also note that the delivery man Quinton was able to navigate his truck up a difficult driveway and did a walk thru of the blowers features. Very professional! In all, a pleasant experience with two outstanding employeesThus 5 Stars. I hope to be as fortunate with the snow blower when the time comes—–

Mike L
Miller Place

Always surprised at how much they have here. Like most, I usually travel to Home Depot or Lowe’s for my major home improvement projects. However, I’ve found that more often than not I can find many of the supplies I need right here in town and at a fair price. I actually purchased a great snowblower here a couple of years ago which has served me well. The staff is helpful, so I can get in, get what I need and get back to my project in minutes instead of hours. Oh yeah, Benjamin Moore paints. I’m a regular, I would recommend you give it a try.


On the phone they were professional. Not pushy about the extended warranty. Delivered promptly and explained snow blower without rushing. Thank you!

Blue Point

VERY IMPRESSED ! I am a frugal educated shopper and after going to several big box stores and other Brinkmann hardware stores looking for help deciding between 2 high priced snow blower models I was blown away by the patience and courtesy extended to me after I asked one complex technical question after another. I was particularly impressed with Chris’ knowledge and professionalism. In today’s world of mediocre employees it was a pleasure dealing with exceptional ones, thank you. I left confident I chose the right model and the right hardware store.

Blue Point

ariens snow blowers


Arien's SnowblowersFor big yards or big snowstorms, Ariens comes up big for homeowners. For over 80 years, they’ve been in America’s backyard, engineering lawn and snow products for durability and a reliable performance, including riding zero-turn mowers, snow blowers, power brushes and more.

Brinkmann’s doesn’t just keep Ariens products in stock. We understand the individual benefits of each machine, and will work with you to make sure that, no matter what your need is, you will have the right tool for the job.

Ariens Is Number One for a Reason

Ariens is the number one selling brand of two-stage snow blowers in the world, and with good reason. Ariens snow blowers are the most well-made, well-engineered, and best-performing snow blowers on the market. An Ariens snow blower is a premium product that will easily last more than a lifetime—a truly solid piece of equipment to pass down to your children, and your children’s children, if properly cared for.

Single-Stage vs. Two-Stage Snow Blowers

two-stage ariens snow blowerHere at Brinkmann’s Hardware, we only sell two-stage Ariens snow blowers. Single-stage snow blowers simply do not have the power and capability to handle Long Island winters. For heavy snowfall, anything over six inches, a two-stage snow blower is necessary.

Single-stage snow blowers have an auger that contacts the ground, and then pulls the snow up through the unit itself, spraying it out the exit chute. While technically not self-propelled, the auger does help pull the blower through the snow.

In a two-stage snow blower, however, the auger pulls the snow up into the blower, and then a separate impeller is in charge of blowing it out of the machine. Additionally, the augers don’t contact the ground directly, which makes a two-stage snow blower suitable for use on gravel, crushed stone, or packed earth driveways and walkways. Two-stage snow blowers also have engine driven wheels or tracks, making them much easier to use.

Trust the Expert Team at Brinkmann’s Hardware

Brinkmann’s Hardware is the best destination for all your Ariens snow blower purchases. Not only will our sales staff be happy to assist you with selecting the right model for your needs, but every snow blower we sell comes with oil and is ready to use, letting you get right to work that much faster. Furthermore, we offer free delivery in Suffolk County, so you can start clearing your front walk and driveway ASAP.

Ariens snow blowers are built to last. With all-steel construction, the longevity of an Ariens snow blower is many times that of competitors with their plastic or cheaper metal components. Ariens snow blowers also have aluminum around the transmission, which dramatically improves the lifespan.

At Brinkmann’s Hardware, we know you have your choice of brands when it comes to snow blowers. But since you can choose, why not choose the best? Come in today and speak to our friendly, knowledgeable staff and find out what makes Ariens the right choice.

Brinkmann’s doesn’t just keep Ariens products in stock. We understand the individual benefits of each machine, and we will work with you to make sure that, no matter what your need is, you will have the right tool for the job.

*Call Your Local Brinkmann’s For Availability*

Top Models


Ariens Professional 32 Snow Blower 

Designed for heavy residential and commercial use, our
Professional series isn’t for everyone. It’s powered and primed to take on the deepest, heaviest and most treacherous with ease.
Model # 926071
Free Delivery
WAS $2,826
NOW $2,599
Ariens Professional 28 Snow Blower
When you’re up at dawn, it’s no time for amateur hour. It’s time to call in the Pros. If the drifts are piled high and the driveway is a dead end, count on our Professional Series snow thrower to do the job right.
Model # 926065
Free Delivery
WAS $2,499
NOW $2,299
Ariens Platinum 30 SHO Snow Blower
This powerful residential machine is born to put the powder in its place. Plus, with Auto-Turn™ Steering Technology, a
quick-turn chute and dash-controlled hand warmers.
Model # 921051
Free Delivery
WAS $2,057
NOW $1,899
Ariens Platinum 24 SHO EFI Snow Blower
When it packs in and piles up, elevate your game to Platinum status. Loaded with convenient features, unquestionable power and unmatched performance, this snowblower proves you’re the boss of the blizzard boardroom.
Model # 921053
Free Delivery
WAS $2,142
NOW $1,899
Ariens Deluxe 30 EFI Snow Blower
With its powerful engine and Auto-Turn™ steering technology you’ll feel like you’re turning a lap in a finely tuned sports car, rather than clearing a sidewalk.
Model # 921049
Free Delivery
WAS $2,042
NOW $1,799


Ariens Platinum 24 SHO Snow Blower 

When it’s piled up and packed in, it’s time to reach platinum status. Fully loaded with convenient features like a Super High Output impeller.
Model # 921050
Free Delivery
WAS $1,813
NOW $1,599
Ariens Deluxe 30 Snow Blower
30″, 2 stage deluxe sno-thro, 306cc 15’/lb ariens ax306 engine, 120v electric start, 30″ clearing width & 21″ intake height, self-propelled drive system with 6 forward speeds/2 reverse speeds,
Model # 921047
Free Delivery
WAS $1,745
NOW $1,499
Ariens Deluxe 28 SHO Snow Blower
When Mother Nature sends down 16 inches, depend on our Deluxe snowblowers to send it flying up to 50 feet away. This no-nonsense machine means business.
Model # 921048
Free Delivery
WAS $1,597
NOW $1,349
Ariens Deluxe 28 Snow Blower
28″, 2 stage deluxe sno-thro, 254cc 12.5’/lb Ariens ax254 engine, 120v electric start, 28″ clearing width & 21″ intake height, self-propelled drive system with 6 forward speeds/2 reverse speeds.
Model # 921046
Free Delivery
WAS $1,439
NOW $1,199
Ariens Deluxe 24 Snow Blower
When 16 inches comes down, the Deluxe doesn’t hesitate to send it back up. The 14-inch, all-steel, three-speed impeller throws powder up to 50 feet away at a rate of up to 72 tons of snow/hour.
Model # 921045
Free Delivery
WAS $1,308
NOW $1,099

Ariens Compact 24 Snow Blower
New Model for 2017! 223cc up to 40ft throw distance 24″ snow blower.
Model # 920027
Free Delivery
WAS $1,166
NOW $999

Ariens Compact 20 Snow Thrower
New Model for 2017! 233cc up to 40ft throwing distance. 2.5x ice drill chute rotation.
Model # 920026
Free Delivery
WAS $1046
NOW $899

Ariens Classic 24 Snow Blower
New Model for 2017! 6 speed 208cc with up to 40′ throwing distance.
$40 Delivery fee
Model # 926025
WAS $958.80
NOW $799

*Call Your Local Brinkmann’s For Availability*