2018 Gift Guide for the Handyman

Looking for the perfect gifts for the handyman this holiday season? Here are some top handyman gift ideas to help you get started.

At Brinkmann’s Hardware, we stock a wide range of products, so customers on Long Island can depend on us year-round. If you’re looking for handyman gift ideas, you needn’t look far, whether you are thinking ahead to winter or summer. Here we’ve compiled a list of great gifts to accommodate the handyman in your life.


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Affordable and Easy DIY Tips to Winterize Your Home

Anyone who’s suffered through a harsh New York winter knows that keeping your home warm can be a struggle. It’s not just your health that suffers, either: A house that loses heat or is warmed inefficiently can lead to soaring utility bills and costly appliance breakdowns.

Don’t let that be you this winter. Want to know how to winterize a house yourself? Save energy and money, head down to your local plumbing supply store, and follow this DIY checklist!


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Know Your Pool: Chlorine and Salt Water Basics

Sanitization is an important part of owning a pool. It keeps the water clean, safe, and clear; otherwise, you risk issues with water quality and the health of swimmers.

Chlorine vs. Salt Water

The primary means for water treatment in swimming pools includes chlorine and salt water. Adding chemicals directly to the pool has benefits. Chlorine effectively kills off harmful organisms and is generally affordable; the downside is that it needs to be added regularly and can be irritating to some people.

A saltwater generator automatically converts salt to chlorine. Although initial costs are higher and the system uses electricity, it is so efficient that little manual pool cleaning is required. It’s also beneficial to those who are sensitive to chlorine.


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