The Ultimate Backyard BBQ Checklist (Featuring the Big Green Egg)

Compact and convenient, the Big Green Egg can be used in many ways. This versatile system can be used as a grill at temperatures up to 750°F, as an oven, or as an alternative to other smokers for sale. That makes it perfect for an outdoor barbeque, for anyone who wants to serve a wide variety of food choices.


Cooking Techniques

As a grill, the Egg can be used to cook steak, fish, or vegetables. You can even use it as a stir-fry. Various accessories are available to make the cooker even more versatile, including a Drip Pan or ConvEGGtor, perfect for indirect grilling and roasting.

Wood-smoke beef brisket or spare ribs, or even vegetables, fish, or nuts—yes, the Egg is one of the most practical smokers for sale on the market! Even use the Egg to bake bread, pie, and pizza. You can adjust the cooker to do just about anything; there are also seven sizes available, from Mini to XXLarge, to accommodate whatever outdoor cooking needs you have.


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Door Locks to Protect Your Home During the Holidays

Burglaries seem to ramp up toward the end of December. Is it the Christmas lights or the fact many people are away from home during the holiday season? According to the U.S. Department of Justice’s National Crime Victimization Survey in 2010, about 40% of unlawful entries (between 2003 and 2007) were through unlocked doors or windows, and many entered through an open door; some even had keys to the door lock.1

However, there were no verifiable reports of homeowners (or Macaulay Culkin) setting off tripwires or paint buckets to fend off criminals!


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How to Remove Snow from Your Driveway

Winter is almost here, and now is the time to ensure that you’re ready for the first snowfall that lands on your doorstep—literally. Even though a fresh blanket of white snow is a beautiful sight, the inevitable task of removing it can be a back-breaker if it isn’t done properly.

What’s more, snow removal, especially shoveling snow for an extended period of time, can be painful and potentially dangerous in subzero temperatures. From shoveling to opting for a snowblower, these tips can help you to quickly and safely clear the snow from your driveway.



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