Holbrook, NY

Holbrook, NY

Hardware: (631) 285-7890
Paint: (631) 285-7675
1036 Main Street, Holbrook, NY 11741
Monday-Friday: 7am-8pm
Saturday: 8am-8pm
Sunday: 9am-6pm
Product & Services
  • Propane Filling Station
  • STIHL Outdoor Power Equipment
  • Key Cutting
  • Glass & Plexi-Glass Cutting
  • Screen Repair
  • Benjamin Moore Paint
  • Custom Color Matching
  • Premium Pet Food
  • Carhartt Clothing

Home Improvement & Hardware Store in Holbrook, NY

Ask about our propane tank refills & other services.

Brinkmann’s Hardware is proud to have a local shop in Holbrook, NY, to serve clients in and around the area. 

Our hardware store has everything that DIY homeowners and local contractors in the region need to take care of carpentry, landscaping, and painting projects. From tools to landscaping power equipment to paints and painting equipment, our inventory includes top-rated materials from the industry’s most trusted brands. You’ll find Benjamin Moore paint, STIHL power equipment, and more.

We’re proud to be your Holbrook neighborhood hardware store.

When you shop at Brinkmann’s Hardware, you’re much more to us than a customer. We treat every customer as our neighbor. We’ll do whatever we can to offer top-of-the-line service, whether it be for key cutting, screen repairs, propane tank refills, delivery, or anything else that we provide. 

At the end of the day, our goal is simple. We want to provide our customers everything they need to make their house truly feel like a home. That’s why we even carry pool supplies, grilling equipment, and other recreational equipment in addition to our hardware and paint selections.

Choosing Brinkmann’s Hardware guarantees exceptional services, industry-leading products, and affordable prices. More than just your local hardware store, stop into our Holbrook location today to see what we can do for you!

Please Leave Us A Review
Yesterday I went to Brinkmanns hardware in Holbrook to pick up some tools for around the house and the customer service of your employees made my experience truly amazing ! Brianna greeted and answered all my questions with a smile and knowledge of the store and tools I was looking for I will definitely come back next time I need a part or tool because of your staffs customer service!
dylan G.
16:54 01 Nov 21
I love this place. Reminds me of a mom and pop hardware store in town. I can generally find what I'm looking for! Great employees who always offer to assist you which is nice. Store is always clean and appealing
Kathy P.
18:55 17 Oct 21
Very convenient and very helpful staff.You don't have to spend an hour looking for an item. I'll choose this place over Home Depot when ever possible.
larry S.
12:03 11 Sep 21
Great local hardware store. Hit them up before going to one of the big box places.
23:31 06 Sep 21
Great store, fair pricing, selection not as “diverse” as Home Depot or Lowes, but how could it be? Come on they have not even 10% of the space that the big guys do. However- if it is any type of common part/tool/item at all, they’ll have it. Ive been a regular here since they were across the street, and I am at the point where I’ll pretty much know by how common/rare a peice is if these guys will have it-Or if I need to hit my local plumbing, or electrical specialty stores.Their Hardware section absolutely Blows AWAY the big box stores. Not to mention the great service. All the guys/gals who have been there for at least a few months (I look for familiar faces) Can seemingly navigate the aisle with their eyes closed. This has always impressed me, as ive witnessed other shoppers become completely intimidated and lost when they enter the hardware section (Believe me its true, walking into an aisle with 100s of drawers full of different sized bolts/nuts/fittings/home hardware- Its a sight that can make a first timer want to just turn around and hide.Also, Benjamin Moore paint! The “Regal Select” line is the best paint ive personally used-although I will admit i’ve only used two other lines of Sherwin (and alot of Behr paint, if you count that as paint, when I was young) The Regal Select is great interior paint, however i think the price may have gone up recently. Made a 2 Gallon purchase in the Matte finish 2 maybe 3 weeks ago, and it seemed like more then I ever jave remembered paying in the past. Cant complain though, this is covid-No store is immune, and inflation is everywhere you look. Also, if they send someone to the paint area to help you, expect them to be very knowledgeable. They must have a policy that states you cant work behind the paint counter until you are very well versed in all areas. Theres a young-ish looking kid there who is always able to explain things to me in terms i can easily understand and is very thorough.All in all, great store. Employees trained very well, just about all of them seem friendly and eager to help. Home depot and Lowes dont seen to understand the importance of that. Has everything your’ neighborhood hardware store should have, and their actual hardware section is just Great. Been a loyal customer for years and will continue to be.P.S- Sorry to come off a “know-it-all”, but to “AMY CANZANELLA” a review or two below mine, the assistant store manager is not a woman named Brianna, unless something happened to the old one within the past week or so. His name is escaping me right now (He isnt much of a talker) However i was told by the Manager, George, that he is the assistant manager. Perhaps you are thinking of the old manager who was a woman? Almost sure her name was Kelly. Shes been gone for a loonggg time now though, I’d say 2 years give or take.Perhaps you are confusing this with the blue point or route 25- (forget the town) locations? Maybe they have a Brianna in management? I’ve never been to those, However i have been to Sayville when Holbrook didnt have enough or was sold out of what i went in for. Apparently Sayville is their “Main Location” and has the storage center nearby so they carry a little bit more stock of items, and carry some unique items that the other stores don't carry. Sayville is also a beautiful store.My one complaint-Build some stores that arent all saturated in the central / southern shore central of suffolk! One of my sons lives in Nassau (Wantaugh) and the other lives right on the borderline of suffolk and nassau in the huntington township. Of course they have ace and other True Values closer to them, but after visiting Brinkmann’s, they agrees the store was much less “generic” and the customer service here made their local stores seem not existant. Great Job all who work at and run these stores.
Yo G.
03:37 19 Aug 21
Awesome service and team at Brinkmann’s in Holbrook!
Brianna b
17:18 11 Aug 21
The assistant store manager, Brianna, was extremely helpful and very knowledgeable. She provided superior customer service.
16:55 09 Aug 21
Hello I recently shopped in the Holbrook store this weekend and I was greeted by a lovely lady with blonde hair . She said hello and welcome. The service that I got from the gentlemen working on the floor that day was super helpful I will definitely be coming back to shop again .
Lisa K.
15:39 09 Aug 21
Great service. Very helpful salespeople!
Bernadette H.
16:02 02 Aug 21
Awesome had every little nut and bolt and in the sizes I needed
justin P.
09:30 30 Jul 21
A little bit more expensive than the "Big Guys" but worth it . Helpful staff.
Pete B.
14:23 25 Jul 21
Good staff. Awaiting assistance with defective Old Masters spar varnish.
Joseph M.
01:12 29 Jun 21
Great customer service
Danny R.
02:14 28 Jun 21
They are always very courteous. I go there for propane they fill the tank to the #20 capacity not the #15 like everyplace. Fewer trips to refill the tank and the price per pound is better than BJ's.
fr R.
16:08 24 Jun 21
Great local store.
22:45 17 Jun 21
Very helpful staff. Much better than Home Depot or Lowes.
Todd J.
23:41 17 May 21
If I could give 4 and a half stars I would. Have to say the staff and how they were attentive to what I was looking for was 5 star but since they didn't have the two things I needed was why I rated 4....t slot bolts is one thing and small pneumatic tire with the bolted rims was the other....other than that great place.
robert speruta S.
15:19 10 May 21
This place has the widest selection of specialty sized nuts and bolts. Organized and easy to find. They also have a large selection of #yeti product, from mugs to coolers in all colors. Highly recommend them as the best hardware store!!
Jill S.
17:54 09 May 21
Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Much prefer shopping local and this is a great example of doing just that.
Tim K.
00:53 08 May 21
Staff is so helpful here and they have everything! Great alternative to going to big box stores. Like it used to be when you went to a hardware store and that's what I like.
Craig R.
12:53 07 Apr 21
Very friendly people
David M.
13:55 06 Apr 21
Very nice employee that helped me with my purchase of Scott's 4 step program and the discounted price was great!!
Patricia D.
00:29 04 Apr 21
Very friendly and knowledgeable staff!!
Kevin O.
15:11 07 Mar 21
Got to love the Neighborhood Hardware store they always have what I need and the employees are actually pleasant and helpful unlike the big box stores I always try to shop local when ever possible
George W.
23:17 14 Feb 21
Great service nice new store
Chris B.
14:31 13 Feb 21
Nice items
David G.
00:43 03 Feb 21
For $7.50 they put a battery in both of my car remotes.Awesome price.Top that.
Doug B.
21:50 20 Jan 21
This is the best place to get a battery put into your car remote.They did both of my car remotes for $7.50.You can't beat that with a stick.The staff is also very knowledgeable and courteous.
Doug B.
16:26 01 Jan 21
D G.
19:56 28 Dec 20
This place blows Home Depot and Lowe’s away. I would never imagine I’d actually like a hardware store ! lol
Michelle L.
02:30 27 Dec 20
As I walked in the store I was greeted warmly by a worker. He was able to help me find all of the parts that I needed for project I was working on. He knew where everything was. He was also very professional and was able to ring me out as well.
Jean Pierre-Louis, S.
13:41 24 Dec 20
Nice clean store with helpful folks.
James X.
18:28 23 Dec 20
Good selection, Friendly associates, decent sales
Paul S.
01:31 12 Nov 20
I have been shopping at this local hardware store since the day it opened and my trips to home depot have decreased dramatically. The staff are well informed and their selection is quite remarkable for a smaller store. I shop there at least once a week and have never been disappointed. As for higher prices, when you factor in time and gas to drive to the Big store, i feel satisfied for what i pay and what i get. I am glad this store is in my town. It is convenient, parking is easy and as i mentioned before the staff are excellent.
Bryan st L.
10:59 24 May 20
Great local store. Friendly service . Always have what I want.
bill K.
20:06 03 May 20
Great customer service- worth the few extra bucks by far. Every time I have had questions I got professional knowledgeable assistance! They are awesome to have as a local hardware shop.
Holbrook U.
14:39 22 Feb 20
The place was excellent the employees are very knowledgeable I recommend this place Hi Li
John M.
19:37 14 Apr 19
Much bigger than old store.
Veronica R.
19:13 10 Mar 19
Just moved near this location and have been there twice in the past week. It's way closer than the big name stores, a little bit more expensive, but it does have a good selection with a nice helpful staff.
Joseph G.
02:52 01 Feb 19
Nice staff
Ray M.
23:49 06 Jan 19
Good local store to just run in for something, very convenient. Their prices are considerably higher than the home center big stores, but you get great customer service, very personal.
Bonnie S.
06:13 09 Dec 18
Love this place but just a tad bit overpriced on some items
Christian B.
13:45 23 Sep 18
Always someone to happily assist you in finding the items that you need. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable, save yourself a trip to Major stores and see them for the convenience.
Nynjsofadeals Metro N.
22:10 08 Sep 18
Nice store to go in the neighborhood
Crystal P.
03:16 23 Jul 18
Staff is helpful, all organized and easy to find, plenty of parking. Was in and out quick.
Alex T.
21:47 19 Jul 18
Great hardware store. Great staff, always ready to help and so much easier than going to the big box stores.
Matt C.
20:27 15 Jul 18
The staff is very helpful. I love a neighborhood hardware store
Al M.
17:02 10 Jul 18
Very helpful
Bart B.
18:12 10 Jun 18
Helpful and friendly staff. Have a good selection.
01:26 30 Apr 18
No wondering huge islses ,they ask if u need help get what u need and go home and finish project!!!
Robert S.
16:57 27 Mar 18
Good guys. Knowledgeable and easy to find! Easy in and out.
Doug H.
21:38 04 Mar 18
This place is awesome. Always plenty of guys on staff happy to help you find something and just as happy to let you browse. They are super friendly and knowledgeable. They have everything you need without having to go and get lost in a giant big box store.
John R.
23:21 20 Feb 17
I prefer Brinkmann over home depot/lowes for most things. It's a smaller place and much easier to find things. The staff are helpful and knowledgeable and can offer advice
eugene B.
10:36 23 Dec 15