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In need of a new snow blower of better quality than the one i now own i decided to shop on the internet and found the product i was looking for was carried locally at the Miller Place Brinkmann’s, I stopped by on Monday and was pleasantly surprised that they had all the available modelsi was considering on display . I was assisted by Dave D. who answered all my questions and concerns and advised me that if i was interested i could have the blower set up and delivered that afternoon at no extra charge. No pressure, no stress and best of all the delivery was made on time and as promised. I should also note that the delivery man Quinton was able to navigate his truck up a difficult driveway and did a walk thru of the blowers features. Very professional! In all, a pleasant experience with two outstanding employeesThus 5 Stars. I hope to be as fortunate with the snow blower when the time comes—–

Mike L
Miller Place

Always surprised at how much they have here. Like most, I usually travel to Home Depot or Lowe’s for my major home improvement projects. However, I’ve found that more often than not I can find many of the supplies I need right here in town and at a fair price. I actually purchased a great snowblower here a couple of years ago which has served me well. The staff is helpful, so I can get in, get what I need and get back to my project in minutes instead of hours. Oh yeah, Benjamin Moore paints. I’m a regular, I would recommend you give it a try.


Gary and Ron were great. I called up looking for an Ariens snowblower, and needed it that day before we were expected to receive significant snowfall in New York. I was able to pay over the phone and my new snowblower was delivered to my house in a few hours. The delivery driver’s were also great, however I can not remember their names. They showed me all of the features of the snowblower, and had it up and running for me, ready to go for the storm. This was my first purchase at Brinkmann’s, but you have earned a customer for life. Thanks again!

Tom V

VERY IMPRESSED ! I am a frugal educated shopper and after going to several big box stores and other Brinkmann hardware stores looking for help deciding between 2 high priced snow blower models I was blown away by the patience and courtesy extended to me after I asked one complex technical question after another. I was particularly impressed with Chris’ knowledge and professionalism. In today’s world of mediocre employees it was a pleasure dealing with exceptional ones, thank you. I left confident I chose the right model and the right hardware store.

Blue Point

The salesman was extremely helpful. Snowblower was delivered next day and that person also went over how to use it. Excellent customer service.

Blue Point

On the phone they were professional. Not pushy about the extended warranty. Delivered promptly and explained snow blower without rushing. Thank you!

Blue Point


how to choose
the right paint color



paint color samplesChoosing paint colors is often a tough decision. For the most part, the color you choose depends on what goes best with the furniture and décor of the room. Paint isn’t always the focal point for color, and neutral tones are often best. Bolder colors are often good for bathrooms because most bathroom furnishings are white.

If you’re uncertain about what colors or shades to use, you can buy test samples. Painting limited areas will provide a clue as to what looks best; even give it some time to see how the sample areas look in different lighting. Also, you can paint a piece of board and simply hold it up against tables, couches, and other furnishings to see what matches.

Which Paint Should You Buy?

The type of paint is as important as the wall colors you want. The types you’re most likely to encounter are:

  • Latex paint: The most commonly used, it is typically durable and fade It is generally easy to clean up and does not often blister on walls.
  • Oil paint: Oil generally takes longer to dry but is suited for priming real wood moldings and trim, and it seals wood stains and knots. Oil-based primers can be used first and painted over with a latex coating.


How to Pick a Sheen

Sheen is important to think about even if you’ve found the perfect paint color. Glossy paint is easy to clean, but it makes any imperfections in the wall stand out. Overly shiny walls in a living room, kitchen, or bathroom may not be desirable, anyway, but other choices include:

  • Semi-gloss: Provides a shine but is not glass-like.
  • Satin/Pearl enamel: Somewhat shiny but stands up to moisture and frequent wiping.
  • Flat enamel: Almost no shine, but still cleanable, so is decent for households with kids or pets.
  • Matte paint: Has no shine and is good for low-traffic areas, ceilings, or where there are lots of imperfections.


Which Color Is Best?

different color paint cans

This is a question that depends on your preferences and intentions. White or off-white gives a room a bright and clean appearance and is good if selling a home, so a buyer can pick any other color. If you’re going for vibrant colors, reds, yellows, and oranges are best. Muted shades contribute warmth. For an airier feel, blues, greens, and purples are effective, especially for small rooms; combining different shades of your main color can have a soothing effect, too.

Using different shades of a color, such as blue, can make a room feel calm. This is a good paint scheme for a bedroom or bathroom. The wall can be painted darker, but the trim can be painted a slightly lighter shade. Lighter colors tend to provide subtlety, neutral ones a hint of elegance, and contrasting colors can make a room more vibrant.

Continue browsing our website to find Benjamin Moore paint colors or contact us online for help choosing paint colors that bring a personal touch to your home.