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Brinkmann Hardware Propane Refill Service

Refill Your Propane TAnk

Where To Get Your Propane Tank Refilled

If your typical answer to the question “Where can I buy propane?” is from a propane exchange program, then we have some valuable news for you.

Did you know that propane exchange cages short-fill tanks to 15lbs? At Brinkmann’s, we fill your tank to maximum capacity. That means you get to keep your own tank (not an old, dented exchange tank that could be about to expire) AND you get approximately 30% more propane. With us, your tank will always be filled by a licensed and certified propane technician while you wait, ensuring long-lasting and safe operation.

As a propane supplier, we generally advise customers to keep a backup tank for grilling, so we understand the importance of safely handling multiple tanks. That’s why we’ve also prepared below some general safety tips and info on how to store and handle your tanks.

Propane Safety

Safely Store and Handle Propane TanksPropane is a relatively safe gas, but should still be handled with caution.

Since propane is naturally odorless, a distinctive smell is added to better enable you to detect leaks. Familiarizing yourself with this smell is a great idea, but keep in mind that it may not be possible to smell it in all situations.

Make sure the top valve is always tightly closed to prevent leaks and only lift and move the tank by the molded and shaped handles that surround the valve, never by the valve itself.

Store your extra tank outside, separate from your propane feature, in a well-ventilated and cool area.

Where To Store a Propane Tank in Winter

When the temperature drops outside, the propane stored in your tank is at risk of freezing. Additionally, when the propane cools down, the gas will shrink to a smaller volume and the pressure inside your tank will drop considerably. For this reason, it is important to keep your tank as close to full as possible, perhaps filling it at the beginning of cold weather if you don’t plan on using. Knowing where to go for a propane tank refill is important. Store your tank in a utility shed or other small outdoor structure. Insulating your tank from the cold with blankets is another great way to keep it from freezing over. Remember that propane is flammable; do not place a tank next to a heater or fireplace.