Get a Propane Refill at Brinkmann’s Hardware

At Brinkmann’s, you can find a propane refill station conveniently near you at Blue PointHolbrookSayville, and Miller Place. You receive service by one of our licensed and certified propane techs at a highly reasonable propane refill cost. Our experienced professionals fill up to 60lb tanks and conduct a safety inspection with each refill. They’ll even share their knowledge and teach you how to properly and safely use your propane tank. Each tank is also leak-tested to ensure it can be operated safely.

Propane Tank Safety

Propane is a relatively safe gas, but a propane gas tank should still be handled with caution. To ensure your safety is guaranteed while using propane follow these tips:

  • Learn what propane smells like so it’s easier to detect leaks. It’s an odorless gas, but a compound has been added so if there is a leak it should smell like rotten eggs or a skunk’s spray. However, this smell might not always be noticeable.
  • Always check that the top valve is tightly closed to prevent leaks. Have your tank leak tested if you believe the valve may have been compromised.
  • Only lift and move the tank by the molded and shaped handles that surround the valve; never by the valve itself.
  • Store your extra tank outside, separate from any appliance or system that uses propane, in a well-ventilated and cool area.

Propane Refill vs Propane Tank Exchange

Refilling your propane tank is a much more effective solution because you get more fuel. The tanks you receive at exchanges are never filled to capacity. With a refill you not only get more propane but you spend less money as well.
Reusing your tank requires being diligent about tank maintenance and checking for leaks but at Brinkmann’s Hardware, we perform safety checks so you have nothing to worry about. We’ve made it easy to find a propane refill station in your area; one where your tank will be thoroughly inspected and tested to guarantee your safety and peace of mind.

Where to Get Your Propane Tank Refilled

If your typical answer to the question “Where can I buy a propane tank?” is “From a propane exchange program” then we have some valuable news for you.
Did you know that propane exchange cages short-fill tanks to 15lbs? You can perform an easy check to see how much propane is actually in the tank. At Brinkmann’s we provide a full-capacity propane refill. That means you get to keep your own tank (not an old, dented exchange tank that could be about to expire) AND you get approximately 30% more propane. With us your propane tank will always be filled by a licensed and certified propane technician while you wait, ensuring long-lasting and safe operation.
As a propane supplier we generally advise customers to keep a backup tank for grilling, so we understand the importance of safely handling multiple tanks. That’s why we’ve also prepared some general safety tips and info below on how to store and handle your tanks.

Where to Store a Propane Tank in Winter

Additionally, when the propane cools down the gas will shrink to a smaller volume and the pressure inside your tank will drop considerably. To avoid the risk of trouble during the cold season:

  • Keep your propane gas tank as close to full as possible
  • Fill it at the start of winter if you don’t plan on using the propane gas tank
  • Know the propane tank refill locations in your area
  • Store a full tank in a utility shed or another small outdoor structure
  • Never put a tank near a heater or fireplace; propane is flammable