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SCotts Lawn Care products

Quality Lawn Care Products Available on Long Island

From curb appeal to creating a personal touch, lawn care is an important task for homeowners. Plant food, fertilizer, turf builder, and other products from Scott’s can now be purchased at any of our Long Island locations. These products and other services offered by the brand are perfect for beautifying lawns this spring. Each is available now at our Sayville, Blue Point, Holbrook, and Miller Place retail locations.

Brinkmann’s not only has the top products to care for your lawn, but access to an easy to follow lawn care program to maximize your lawn care maintenance needs.

All Scotts Products Are Backed by Brinkmann’s Best Price Guarantee!

Scott’s Lawn Care Is the Way to Go

Without proper care, grass will grow uncontrolled in your yard, and weeds can quickly take hold. This product line and care plan work any time of year, whether it is spring, summer, fall, or winter. It includes more than plant food and weed control; cleaning products, ice melt, and tools and accessories are available as well.

Scott’s Fertilizer and More to Improve Lawn Health

lush grass that used scotts lawn productsBrinkmann’s Hardware is now your source of high-quality fertilizer, including plant feed with iron and other nutrients needed for a strong, protected lawn. We stock soil and mulch, plus control products for ants, grubs, fleas, and other insects, and outdoor cleaners that do not damage plants or lawns.

Also available is a one-of-a-kind Scott’s turf builder, but the Step® 2 Weed Control Plus Lawn Food is ideal for late spring because it nourishes grass while killing dandelions and other weeds. A crabgrass preventer feeds greenery, as well, and can stop crabgrass from growing in areas from 5,000 to 15,000 square feet in size.

From grass seed to effective disease control, Scott’s products cover all your lawn care needs. We provide a one-stop source to find these online and at our physical locations on Long Island—but that’s not all. This respected brand offers a lawn care program that maximizes the state of your lawn in just a few simple steps.

Scott’s 4-Step Lawn Care Program

We now stock four products that comprise Scott’s lawn care system. Used together, these prime your yard for a season full of cookouts, play, and family fun:

Step® 1
Crabgrass Preventer Plus Lawn Food

Step® 2
Weed Control Plus Lawn Food

Step® 3
Lawn Food with 2% Iron

Step® 4
Fall Lawn Food

Scott’s Lawn Care Program 

gorgeous landscaping maintained with scotts lawn careScott’s can offer all the lawn care products you need, based on where you live. Once you place an order, they deliver each product to your door and even send reminders as to when to re-order items. This eliminates the guesswork, while customers can receive reminders directly through Scott’s My Lawn app. (Brinkmann’s Hardware does not offer this program directly)

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