Glass Cutting

Glass Cutting Service

If you’ve got an antique picture frame finding a replacement piece of glass that fits perfectly can be a nightmare. A lot of old frames don’t conform to standard sizes, and a sheet that’s the correct size off the rack simply might not exist. Or maybe you’re a woodworker and you’ve made your own picture frames and you’re finding that the glass to fit in it isn’t exactly readily available.
While you could buy glass cutting tools and a large pane to try to do it yourself the skills and knowledge required to cut correctly the first time can’t be bought off the shelf—and once you’re finished your glass cutter will just take up space in your workshop, rarely to be used again, and you’ll have gotten very little return out of your investment.
Cutting glass yourself isn’t worth the risk of lost materials from an improper cut or accidental breakage, not to mention the potential danger from the razor sharp edges of cut glass. Better to get it done right the first time without any fuss. The 1/8” glass is delicate and hard to work with even if you’re experienced in cutting other types of glass.
A better idea is to come to Brinkmann’s Hardware. Our skilled and friendly staff can quickly, easily, and economically cut as much as 36” by 36” of 1/8” glass to the exact size you need. Let us do the hard part so that you can move on to the next stage of your project.
Sometimes glass isn’t the best option to protect your picture. For those looking for something more durable we also cut 1/8” plexiglass. Our machines can cut pieces of plexiglass up to 30” by 60” or 32” by 44”.
Why worry about the details of something as exacting and unforgiving as glass cuts? Let the staff at Brinkmann’s handle it and save yourself time and money so you can hang up that picture frame and move on to your next project.
Come visit us today or call us with any questions. We look forward to working with you on your next project!