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Customers count on us for many top brands in tools, hardware, and housewares. Our prices are competitive, but personalized service and a positive shopping experience make us the hardware company of choice. No one can just fill a pool and leave it. Swimming pools require a lot of maintenance to ensure they are safe and sanitary.
Thanks to our full range of products you can enjoy a swim on a hot, sunny day, and the kids can play for hours on end without worrying about water quality.

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If you’re looking for swimming pool supplies this summer Brinkmann’s Hardware has just what you need. Our local stores stock everything you need to keep the pool clean and contaminant-free. You’ll find pool shock, algaecide, salt, chlorine, and pH increasers, decreasers, and test strips at our Long Island stores in Sayville, Blue Point, Holbrook, and Miller Place.
Stocking pool products isn’t our only mission. Brinkmann’s employs experts in these items, so you can receive professional assistance finding the right supplies for your home.
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Chlorine and non-chlorine compounds destroy algae, bacteria, and even chloramines while increasing free chlorine levels. Pool shock should be used when free chlorine measures zero or when combined chlorine is over 0.5 ppm.

Algae can cloud up a pool, turn it green, and provide a food source for disease-causing bacteria. Once algaecide is added wait for 15–to–30 minutes before swimming.
Cyanuric acid bonds to chlorine to prevent it from degrading with exposure to UV light. Stabilizer, therefore, enables chlorine to break down much more slowly.
  • Semi-gloss: Provides a shine but is not glass-like
  • Satin/Pearl enamel: Somewhat shiny but stands up to moisture and frequent wiping
  • Flat enamel: Almost no shine, but still cleanable, so it is a good choice for households with kids or pets
  • Matte paint: Has no shine and is good for low-traffic areas, ceilings, or where there are lots of imperfections
Clarifiers collect particles by causing them to clump together so they’re more easily caught by the filtration system. A clarifier reduces cloudiness in the pool.
Increasing the pH of the water or reducing its acidity slows the dissipation of chlorine. However, chlorine and other disinfectants aren’t as effective in high pH levels, which can also lead to corrosion.
Pool salt contains sodium and chlorine; when added to water a chemical reaction converts chlorine ions into hypochlorous acid, which has less odor than pure chlorine and doesn’t cause skin or eye irritation.
At the molecular level chlorine destroys cell walls of microorganisms while breaking down their proteins and enzymes. The risk of contracting water-borne illnesses is reduced.
Color-coded strips help easily and quickly determine the pH of your pool’s water.
A filter medium that maximizes the effectiveness of filtration for very fine particles.
Protect your pool equipment with dissolved calcium by managing the corrosive nature of water.